Types of Email Marketing and Trends in Email Marketing

Types of Email Marketing and Trends in Email Marketing

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What is Email Marketing?

Ever received a barrage of automated email newsletters, special discounts, etc…with unwanted offers? If yes, then the most common action you would have taken is to delete and/or unsubscribe them.

But then, has it ever happened that one of such mails has struck your conscience and you have gone forward with exploring the content? Or, have been motivated by such a mail to buy their product/service and even recommend it to others. So, what’s the catch?

What makes such mails different from those being moved to trash?

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Are you an e-mail marketer?

The answer to all these questions and more is the art of email marketing. From promoting a product to selling a service, from collaborations to concept validation, email marketing is the key to all. Every business firm today – be it small or big, corporate or social, uses the various strategies of email marketing to not only establish a strong foothold in the market arena but also to boost-up the profit curve. Every idea needs to gauge the market risks, analyze the market trends, and know the nerves of its targeted group and the best way to do all this is nothing but email marketing.

Haven’t you heard of it? Worry not! Here we are with a compact package to answer all your queries targeting this essential trait.

Types of Mails

Marketing Emails

A type of mail targeted to provide useful and/or promotional information to the audience being catered. Not only this, but these emails also play a crucial role in drawing audiences and in motivating them to keep in touch. From sales promotions, announcements, follow-ups, surveys, newsletters, everything forms a part of such content-rich emails.

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Transactional Emails

 This type of mails is triggered by customer activities and can range from order tracking and welcome messages to subscription confirmations and approved commissions. Especially important for online stores or e-commerce platforms, these emails play a crucial role in validating a transaction/order/purchase, etc… and may as well prove to be beneficial by attracting the crowd to more opportunities for further engagement and cross-selling.

Operational Emails

Mails informing about the ongoing business activities such as technical maintenance plans, services availability, holiday and weekend closures, etc… form a part of such type of mails. Playing a crucial role in boosting up sales and building up the company repute, these mails are absolutely informative. Not only this, but these emails also help sympathize with people and influence how they act towards a company.

Email Marketing Trends

When an email is sent, it absolutely necessary to know which strata of an audience is being targeted and for what. And, this is what marks the difference between a normal mail prone to be moved to the trash and an expertly drafted marketing campaign which is sure to grab the audience’s attention. Complex as it may seem, it is something quite basic and easily done when the nuances are known. Be it our company, Bridging Points Media, which specializes in this field or be it any other, what is generally followed is listed here.

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1. Email Personalization

Once upon a time, there existed the trend of batch mailing with a common draft, but now it isn’t the case. With people looking for what they want and for what resonates with their mindset, email personalization is one of the most essential traits which needs to be kept in mind while drafting emails. Custom-friendly as well as quirky is what the present time is all about.

2. Gadget Friendly Emails

Gone are the days when only computers were there to view the emails sent. Today, from iPads to smartphones and from smartwatches to text-to-voice devices, emails are being checked on all possible platforms. And so, it is an absolute necessity to make the emails gadget-friendly, so that the desired impact could be achieved.

3. Spam regulations

Many a time mails fail to reach the audiences just because of being diverted to the spam. Thence, checking the spam regulation becomes a crucial aspect to ponder upon. Making sure that the emails do not collide with the norms of the CAN-SPAM Act or similar interventions, ensures that the mail reaches where it should.

4. Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit

An old saying goes like “ When in Rome, Do as the Romans, ” in a similar fashion, email marketing is all about adapting to the present trend and customer perceptions. It is always preferred to use short word combinations and sentences for easy readability and comprehensibility purposes. Not only this, but a strong, relevant, and clickbait subject line also boosts the probability that the mail is read. Coherence, conciseness, correctness, and clarity of content are some of the basics to be kept in mind while venturing into the field of email marketing.

5. Relevant CTA

Call-To-Action is something that is a must for every outstanding and effective marketing email. If a mail demands the time of its audience, it has to be meaningful, up to the point, and with a dedicated aim to be fulfilled.

6. Inclusion Of Visually Conspicuous Buttons

When an email is sent by any organization/firm, the target is to draw the attention of the receiver as well as to boost traffic to a particular website and/or a landing page. If there’s no click, there’s no interest as well. Thus, it is very important to include striking buttons with the message, ensuring that the readers have more than one opportunity to interact.

What other trends have you observed in Email marketing?


How To Run A Successful EMAIL MARKETING Campaign For Your Business

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