Why Social Media Aesthetics and Web Design is Essential?

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Why Social Media Aesthetics and Web Design is Essential?

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Beauty may lie in the eyes of the beholder, but it never hurts to give them something to work with.

The digital sphere is a very visual medium. More often than not, we interact with things online by looking at them. This not only includes videos and photos, but also the overall aesthetics of any platform or website.

Unfortunately, many neglect web design and social media aesthetics when they start to develop an online presence, which can cost them in the long run.

Why Bother With Aesthetics?

A good design can go a very long way in creating a positive personal or brand image. Think about it – what has been your own personal experience of visiting a poorly designed website? Did you enjoy it? Would you like to visit the website again? These questions answer themselves.

Good aesthetics convey that the brand cares about its image and perception. It also communicates concern with customer experience – aesthetics involve a stronger element of the user interface, which ensures that people who visit a platform have an easy time navigating it.

Web design can also be used to convey elements of fun, luxury, uniqueness, and innovation, all of which get attached to what the company is selling as well. Indeed, think of online aesthetics as a physical store.

The cleaner the space is, the more interactive and comfortable it is for the customers, and the more it is in sync with the brand’s products and ideals, the more likely shoppers are to come in and come back again.

Thus, aesthetics need to be central to any company’s online presence.

Perfecting Social Media Presence 

Social media can be a great opportunity for companies, but it is also a very competitive sphere. In order to stand out, only content is not enough – presentation also matters a lot. Here are some tips to help you get the perfect aesthetics across social media platforms –

Get the Details Done

A common mistake that many brands make is to focus solely on the design of their posts. While this is important, equally important are the peripheral aspects. Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn provide header image options, and others, like Tumblr, allow you to create an entire colour scheme for your blog.

Making use of these small details can help you stand out from the crowd, so utilise them.

Think of the Larger Picture

Haphazard posts can lead to lower engagement
Haphazard posts can lead to lower engagement

Platforms like Instagram allow you to play outside the box. Don’t post all of your information on a single post in very tiny fonts. Instead, spread it out over grids of three, six, or even nine. This gives your entire profile harmony.

Additionally, when people see a small portion of your campaign through a single post, they are likely to head over to your profile to see the complete picture. Indian luxury label Sabyasachi’s Instagram presents a masterful look at this trend.

Written Words Matter

A typo in your caption or poster can be just as jarring as a bright neon orange thrown into a woodsy colour palette. Remember that social media aesthetics is about the overall look and feel of your company, and words matter a lot in it.

Make sure that your content is correct in grammar and meaning, and try syncing the message and its packaging. For example, bright, happy colours, or celebratory symbols go well with new product announcements, as they get people expectant and excited.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead improves your design and makes maintaining aesthetics easier
Planning ahead improves your design and makes maintaining aesthetics easier

Planning ahead for your posts can do wonders. Alongside maintaining social media aesthetics, it gives you the opportunity to tweak posts and designs if they are not catching the customer’s attention.

Prep work also gives you the opportunity to announce your products, collaborations, and new launches on social media in the most eye-catching manner.

Web Design Tips and Tricks

Social media is off course the favoured child when it comes to digital marketing, but don’t neglect your website just yet. There are a lot of benefits that websites can give over social media. You have so much more flexibility on your own platform, be it to display products, accept payments, or design the look of the website from scratch.

Secondly, websites are your own personal spaces. They are all about direct interaction between the brand and the consumer and can thus be leveraged to boost sales. Here are some web design tips to help you get your website looking at its best.

Colours and Whites

Colors can define a brand's perception
Colours can define a brand’s perception

Colour is supremely important when it comes to website design. Instead of choosing a single colour and its shades (light green, dark green, even darker green), work towards creating a colour palette that is complementary (greens, browns, beiges), or contrasting (greens, blues, and oranges, etc).

At the same time, take care to not saturate your entire website with these colours. Good web design allows for white spaces that lets your website breathe, and makes the main elements stand out.


There are few things more irritating than clicking onto a website and finding everything out of order. Make sure that your elements and texts are aligned, and maintain uniform formatting throughout.

If your website is going to be text-heavy, then make sure that you use headings and subheadings, and bold and italicise the important points, such as prices and features.

Use the Right Images

No website is complete without images. But, the wrong ones can make a searing negative impression. So, instead of opting for the overused stock photos (which can also invite plagiarism issues), opt for self-produced photos and illustrations.

Also, be mindful of what medium you use. Illustrations can be helpful in explaining concepts, ideas, and services. But if you want the focus to be on your products, it is best to use photos to showcase them.

Be Dynamic

Don't hesitate to try a new style every now and then
Don’t hesitate to try a new style every now and then

Taking up a theme does not mean that you cannot switch it up from time to time. Indeed, many accounts make a flawless transition from pastels to neon without jarring their followers. The trick is to keep the transition subtle, gradual – and meaningful.

If you are bringing in a new trend, there should be a reason for it, such as a new product, or even something external, like changing seasons or some upcoming events and festivals.

You might think that aesthetics can only be perfected by those with experience in arts. While experts can certainly help you take things to the next level, there are always things that you can do on your own to help improve your brand’s aesthetics.

So did you find these tips helpful? Are there other features you think are important in social media aesthetics or web design? Let us know in the comments below!

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